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How To Find Part Numbers On Injectors


Bosch have several shapes of injector, as you can see from the photo’s and for the more popular types the part number is on the plastic solenoid and an example of the format is 0445 XXX XXX.

The 0445 110 XXX series usually has the part number right on the top of the injector so can be visible whilst still installed in the vehicle if clean enough. Bosch have another injector we call PD type and it has a large spring on the top and the solenoid is in the middle, set at right angles to the injector. This injector part number format is 0414 720 XXX and this is located around the circumference of the solenoid.
This is another 0445 110 XXX
This is a Bosch Piezo injector 0445 115 XXX and the part number is on the side of the solenoid and less likely to be visible whilst installed:
Bosch PD  0414 720 XXX

Siemens/VDO Continental

Similar to Bosch, the Siemens part number is usually on the top of the injector but it is often almost impossible to read as the printing is feint to start with. It is better to look up the injector you require via vehicle make/model/year/engine size and engine code. The part number will either be something like 5WS40156 (which is the number we prefer) or 9657144580 or 03L130277B or A2C59513554.

All Siemens injectors have very similar rounded solenoids.


Delphi injectors come in two styles, they are both long and slim like a fat pencil. The older type has the part number such as EJBRXXXXXD on a label on the side of the injector, it cannot be read in situ and often the label is damaged or unreadable once removed. The newer types have a small plastic squarish top with the part number like EMBRXXXXXD and this is visible whilst still installed in the engine.

Older Delphi
Newer Delphi


Denso injectors have a stainless steel solenoid with a small 2 or 4 pin light brown plastic connector coming out of the top of it. Denso injectors have many styles of part numbers such as 23670-27030 or RF5C-13H50 or 09500-5650 or 6C1Q9K546-AC. All of the part numbers are on the body of the injector which cannot be read whilst installed and although etched in the metal, it is still very difficult to read unless ultrasonically cleaned.