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Komatsu is a multinational Japanese corporation based in Tokyo. Komatsu manufactures a wide range of heavy equipment for various industries including construction, industrial, mining, forestry and even defence technology for the military.

The company started as a subsidiary of Takeuchi Mining Industry named Komatsu Iron Works which was started to manufacture tools for the parent company. When the company became large enough to sell to the public, Komatsu’s founder Meitaro Takeuchi spun off the company in 1921 as Komatsu.

In 1993 Komatsu partnered with Cummins to form the Komatsu Cummins Engine Corporation and the Cummins Komatsu Engine Corporation to manufacture Cummins engines in Japan and Komatsu engines in the US. In the 1990s Komatsu expanded overseas distribution in Asia and Brazil. In the 2000s Komatsu moved distribution towards Germany, Sweden and Russia.
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